Lake Ronkonkoma Civic Organization

Recycling Info

As you know, our February general membership meeting featured a discussion on recycling changes in the Town of Brookhaven.   Waste Management Commissioner Chris Andrade shared an informative presentation on why the town was forced to change how and what it recycles.  We will continue to share information with our members on the town's recycling program.

As a follow up to the meeting, the Commissioner clarified that the following items ARE recyclable:
Paper / Fiber

Copy Paper
Colored Inserts
Cardboard corrugated and non-corrugated INCLUDING cereal boxes.

Plastic / Metal
Tin Cans
Aluminum Cans
Steel Cans
Plastic # 1 (Soda bottles, water bottles)
Plastic # 2  (milk jugs, laundry detergent, bleach)
So if items are not on these lists, don't put them out on Wednesdays as they will contaminate the recycling stream.  And a reminder, tomorrow, Wednesday is PAPER recycling day!