Lake Ronkonkoma Civic Organization

Brookhaven Resident Parking Stickers for Town Facilities

The Town of Brookhaven Resident Parking Stickers are now available for purchase.  Click here for more information:
The price of the sticker is $15.00 for the season. Daily and weekly fees available.
If purchased prior to Saturday, May 25th, the sticker cost is $10.00. 
Seniors, Handicapped Residents and Veterans
The price for a senior citizen (60+), handicapped resident or veteran is $5.00. Handicapped residents must present their BLUE permanent placard, not the RED temporary placard. Learn more about parking permits for persons with disabilities
Disabled Veterans
Disabled veterans that are Brookhaven residents will receive a free sticker (must show United States Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) issued identification card stating “Service Connected” disability).

Click here for more info and to find out where you can obtain a sticker:

Parking Sticker Information