Lake Ronkonkoma Civic Organization

Membership Drive!

If you are not a dues-paying member or have let your membership lapse, please join us! 
You can be an active, involved member.  Or just stay up-to-date & informed about the future planning of our community.  Your choice, but please support us.  We are an all-volunteer organization and operate on a shoestring budget.  But we do need your dues to pay for operational expenses (printing, mailing, insurance, website, etc.) 

Some of the work and achievements of the Lake Ronkonkoma Civic Organization as we mark our 16th anniversary in 2019:
- Had the county design Portion Road the way the community wanted.
- Worked with the town to redesign and beautify Michael Murphy Beach.
- Protect the lake as representatives on the Suffolk County Lake Advisory Board, working with state, county and town governments.
- Coordinated the purchase and beautification of Arrowhead Park at Church Street and Pond Road.
- Worked with Brookhaven Town and Tritec to properly develop the area around the railroad station.
- Created a Land Use Plan using community input for the area along Portion Road to revitalize our downtown, increase business, and make our town more attractive. Dunkin Donuts, Wendy’s, Ralph’s Ices, Bolla Market, Burger King and IHOP are examples where the civic’s input resulted in more attractive & functional establishments.
- Sponsor a Summer Concert Program at Raynor Park.
- Helped organize Neighborhood Watches.
- Regularly meet with developers to work on making their site plans fit the desires of the community.
- Sponsored a Junior Civic Club at Samoset Middle School.
- Host a monthly litter cleanup of Portion Road.
- Provide a forum for local government representatives to talk to our members.
- Appear at Town, Planning, and Zoning Board hearings to speak for the community.

If you appreciate the past and current work of the Lake Ronkonkoma Civic Organization, please become a member and join us!
You can join online using Paypal or print off a membership form to mail in right here from our website.