Lake Ronkonkoma Civic Organization

Problem Streets & Roads - UPDATE

Thanks to everyone who "nominated" roads in our area that need major repairs and/or paving! We had many responses, and many streets that were submitted by multiple people so it is clear that specific roads were in bad shape. We compiled the list of roads and submitted them to the Town of Brookhaven. There was a total of 38 roads on the list, in Lake Ronkonkoma, Holbrook, Centereach and Farmingville.

We received feedback from town officials and have been informed that the following nine roadways from our list are scheduled for resurfacing during the 2019 paving season (which runs from April through November).

  • Rustic Road (from Smith Road to Middle Country Road)
  • Cenacle Road (from Portion Road to Smith Road)
  • Smith Road (from Rustic Road to Dead End)
  • Pleasant Avenue (from Curtis Street to Middle Country Road)
  • David Street (from Ackerly Lane to Mill Road)
  • Walter Street (from Ackerly Lane to Smith Avenue)
  • Brian Street (from Ackerly Lane to Smith Avenue)
  • Alan Street (Smith Avenue to Mill Road)
  • Donald Street (from Smith Avenue to Mill Road)

In addition to these roads, the town will also be paving other roadways in the area.

Although it is disappointing that more of our problem streets won't be addressed in 2019, we are pleased that some of the worst ones will be resurfaced.

Thanks again for the responses - we will try again next year!