Lake Ronkonkoma Civic Organization

Highlights from the Last LRCO Meeting

1.  The civic held its first Farmers Market on November 6th.  There will be another one in December - details to follow.  We expect to schedule additional ones over the next few months.

2.  Dunkin Donuts is proposing the addition of a drive-thru; a public hearing is scheduled for November 17th at Brookhaven Town Hall.  The civic will indicate its opposition to the Town Board as a drive-thru in that location is not in compliance with the land-use plan for Portion Road.  In addition, the site is not configured properly for a drive-thru.

3.  The proposed 2017 Brookhaven budget was discussed.

4.  We received updates from Councilman LaValle's office regarding some outstanding issues.

5.  There is another lake clean-up scheduled for November 19th.  

6.  Guest speaker Police Commissioner Tim Sini addressed the members in attendance and shared a tremendous amount of information.  Some highlights:

- He discussed the opioid epidemic in Suffolk County.  Year-to-date, there have been 259 fatalities, 30 in our local community.  The SCPD has a multi-pronged approach to this crisis including prevention, treatment, recovery and law enforcement.
- The SCPD has an
anonymous hotline that can be used to report drug dealing in your neighborhood.  Call 631-852-NARC.
- He discussed the Long Island Heroin Task Force.
- He discussed drug prevention activities in the local schools.
- Narcan training has been provided to all officers and first responders.  There have been 550 saves YTD, including several "repeats".
- Gang activity is an issue in several Suffolk County communities but is not significant in our area.
- The SCPD has a full time traffic analyst who is monitoring traffic fatalities in Suffolk County.  The issue is being addressed with enforcement and also communication to local governments if there is a road safety issue.  2016 fatalities are 27% lower than 2015 so far this year.
- SCPD Shield is a program that partners with local businesses and also churches; it allows them to share information with the SCPD to assist in crime investigations.  
- The Commissioner discussed initiatives to increase efficiency in the 911 call system, including the ability to generate a police report over the phone by calling 631-852-COPS.
- He discussed the new false alarm law (if the SCPD responds to three false alarms at your residence, you will be fined).  So far, false alarm calls are down 30%.
- 2015 had historically low crime rates; 2016 in on pace to be even lower.
- We discussed the Police Explorers program for youth ages 14 to 20 that are interested in learning about a possible career in law enforcement.
- Commissioner Sini encouraged the formation of Neighborhood Watch Groups.
- He provided crime statistics specific to our area.  We have a very low rate of violent crime.   We have high rates of property crime and larcenies likely related to the opioid epidemic.
- We discussed the prevalence of massage parlors in our community; some have been involved in human trafficking and prostitution.

Hope to see you at a future meeting!  
If you weren’t at the last civic meeting, you missed the following: